Steve Peters

Experience Design | AR/VR | Geolocation Games

Helping agencies, theme parks, studios and brands develop engaging, immersive experiences.

An Emmy®-winning experience designer, Steve Peters has worked on some of the biggest and most innovative interactive experiences to date. He’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at No Mimes Media.  Previously, Steve was at Google's Niantic Labs, and was VP of Experience Design at Fourth Wall Studios. 


His specialties include: geolocation games, AR/VR, experiential marketing, immersive gaming, interactive creative direction, alternate reality game design, user interface design, music production,  and sound design.

Steve founded the Alternate Reality Gaming Network in 2002, has guest lectured at schools including USC, Georgia Tech and Cal Arts, spoken at media conferences around the world, and projects he's worked on have won multiple awards including an Emmy®, Cannes Lions Grand Prix Awards, SXSW Web Awards, and Webby Awards.

For a more complete list of his projects, see Steve's Wikipedia page.