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My Musical Flash Mob Challenge

OK, so..... First off, stop everything you're doing and watch this video. I'll wait...

Pretty amazing and cool, right? So, this inspired me to challenge the internet, and the world, to a plussed version of this:

  • Where: On a commercial airliner
  • When: The moment the plane starts its takeoff roll at the end of the runway
  • What: Passengers break out their hidden (non-electronic) instruments and play the William Tell Overture as the plane ganes speed and finally takes off.

William Tell Overture (mp3)

Somebody, please make this happen! Youth bands, orchestras, etc! You gotta be flying somewhere this summer! Hide those piccolos and trumpets and violins under the seat in front of you and pull them out on cue! Surely it can't be illegal to play a musical instrument on a plane, can it?

Or at the very least, it'd be just as much fun to somehow stealthily play the mp3 loudly during takeoff. Hmm, I might just try to figure out a way to do this myself and not get arrested for not turning off my electronics...