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Upcoming Stuff: Power to the Pixel

POWERPIXEL_magNEW-1 [Converted]For those of you over in Europe, I'm going to be speaking at the upcoming Power to the Pixel Cross-Media Films Forum October 14-16, honored to be on a panel with Christy Dena, David Varela and Martin Elricsson.  I'll be joined in London by my amigos Maureen McHugh and Behnam Karbassi, and we'll be there all week, so if anyone wants to get together while we're there, just let me know. Details:

October 14 15:40 – 16:40 PANEL – EXTENDING THE EXPERIENCE Presentations and Roundtable Moderator: CHRISTY DENA, Cross-media Specialist and Strategist STEVE PETERS, Experience Designer and Partner, No Mimes Media DAVID VARELA, Producer, nDreams MARTIN ELRICSSON, Producer & Creative Director, The Company P