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SXSWi Panel: The 10-Minute ARG

For those of you interested, my proposed SXSWi panel is up for vote: The 10-Minute Alternate Reality GameSXSWPanelPicker ARGs and Transmedia Entertainment are going more and more mainstream, but have you ever wondered how they can be made to be immediately accessible and engaging to a wide audience? Find out how, as a panel of ARG experts discuss strategies for engagement, and experience an actual 10-minute ARG from start to finish in the process (laptops and mobile phones encouraged!).

Panelists to include: Fourth Wall Studios' Elan Lee (Co-Founder of 42 Entertainment/Experience Designer: The Beast, I Love Bees, Year Zero, Watchmen, etc.), Maureen McHugh (Novelist and Writer for I Love Bees, Why So Serious, etc.), Rich Silverman (NBC's Heroes 360 Experience) and more to be confirmed.

To vote, go HERE.

Vote early. Vote often. :P