Steve Peters

Experience Design


First off, in light of the previous post, I suddenly realized that my contact info here is nowhere to be found, and folks have been trying various resourceful ways to get ahold of me! :o So to rectify that, this is me:

scpeters [splat] gmail… com.

I thought of just putting it in ROT-13, but hey. Oh, and just to throw caution to the wind, my mobile is 818.422.4898 (why not? A bunch of folks trying to call the snooty concierge at a certain hotel already have that number).

Overall, it’s been a pretty good 36 hours or so, all things considered. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me (and Krystyn too!) all the kind words. It’s actually been a very impressive sight to behold, this community in action like that. I’m reminded again of how many real friends I have developed via this strange thing called ARG over the past 6+ years. Friends literally all over the world. And despite me having to take a very low profile once in a while, the friends remain.

So to all of you who stop by here or follow me on Twitter or any of the other multitude social networks to which I breathlessly embrace, thanks you for your encouragement and friendship. Plus, you’ll probably be interested to know….(oops, insert interruption here…………..OK, I’m back. The answer was Harlem, I hope………dang), some exciting future projects already seem to be lining up. So never fear, can’t stop the signal, baby!

In the words of my favorite media producer at 42: Love ya mean it!