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My Geek Top 100 (well, 71)

I was recently asked to take part of the GeeksOn Top 100 in honor of their 100th podcast (if you haven’t listened to GeeksOn, you really should). My top 100 things was compiled with the likes of other “Geek Luminaries” such as Bear McCreary, Composer for BSG to give their master list of the Top 100 Geeky things in various categories, which they countdown in their 100th podcast.

Anyway, here’s the list I submitted to them, for what it’s worth (I already know there’s a couple things I would change/add that I missed, but oh well…):

Books (both Individual and Series):

10. The Light of Other Days (Arthur C. Clarke)                                  
9.   Angela’s Ashes   (Frank McCourt)
8.   Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (Douglas Adams)                                   
7.   Galveston (Sean Stewart)                                    
6.   The Dead Zone  (Stephen King)                                  
5.   Space Trilogy  (C.S. Lewis)                                   
4.   Lord of the Rings Trilogy  (J.R.R. Tolkein)                                 
3.  Orbiting the Giant Hairball  (Gordon MacKenzie)                                   
2.  Pattern Recognition   (William Gibson)                                 
1.  Cryptonomicon  (Neal Stephenson)

Comics and Graphic Novels:
Abstained, although I would’ve put The Long Halloween there, since it’s really about the only one I’ve read.

TV series:
10. Mythbusters
9.  Star Trek TNG                                   
8.  Lost (except for Season 2)                                   
7.  Black Adder                                  
6.  The Twilight Zone (original series, half-hour episodes only)                                   
5.  House                                   
4.  Amazing Race                                    
3.  Seinfeld
2.  Firefly                                    
1.  Battlestar Galactica (2003)

11. This is Spinal Tap (and all the subsequent Chris Guest mockumentaries, really)
10. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (“May I take your trident, sir?”)
9.   Amelie (I secretly think this film was the inspiration for Alternate Reality Games as we know them today)                                  
8.   Lost in Translation (when seen in the theater, not on DVD, where you lose the feeling of loneliness or…something)                             
7.   A Fish Called Wanda (“Don’t call me stupid!”) 
6.   Star Wars series (Episodes IV, V and VI only, original versions)                                  
5.   The Prestige (and Bowie as Tesla? C’mon!)                                                                   
4.   The Dark Knight (Best superhero film ever…but I may be biased)                                  
3.   Children of Men                                   
2.   The Matrix                                   
1.   Blade Runner

Animation (TV or Movie):
10. My Friend Totoro
9.   Jonny Quest (the original TV series, also the best cartoon theme song ever)                                     
8.   Monsters, Inc.                                    
7.   Emperor’s New Groove                                    
6.   Finding Nemo                                    
5.   The Animatrix                                   
4.   Toy Story 2                                  
3.   Beauty and the Beast                                    
2.   Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers                                   
1.   The Incredibles

Video Games:
10.  Roller Coaster Tycoon 3                                   
9.  Zuma                                    
8.  City of Heroes                             
7.  Command & Conquer series
6.  Grim Fandango                                     
5.  Tetris 
4.  Portal                                  
3.  Myst                                     
2.  Bioshock                                     
1.  Half Life 2

Board Games and RPGʼs: (abstain)

People: (abstain, as most of my favorite people are alive, and I don’t want to, ya know, make them get all big-headed or something)

Organizations / Companies:
(Wow, tough. These are either organizations I really admire or would work for in a heartbeat.)
10. Electronic Frontier Foundation                                     
9.   Netflix                                    
8.   Red Cross                                   
7.   NASA                                  
6.   Mutant Enemy                                 
5.   Disney (pre/post-Eisner)                                    
4.   Google                                    
3.  42 Entertainment                                     
2.   Pixar                                 
1.   Apple

10. Studfinder (Just what it says: it finds studs in walls. It’s like magic!)                                      
9.   Roomba                                    
8.   My Wireless Router                                  
7.   Blu-Ray/DVD Player                                    
6.   Universal Remote                                    
5.   PS3/Xbox360/Wii (yeah, in that order)                                    
4.   Tom Tom/GPS (until turn-by-turn comes to iPhone)
3.   Game Boy (original-saved me on two flights to Japan with nothing to read)                                   
2.   iPod                                    
1.   iPhone