Steve Peters

Experience Design

ARGFest-o-con 2008 in Boston

Well, getting ready to head out to ARGFest-o-Con 2008 at the Radisson Hotel in Boston next weekend. It looks like I’ll now be a Showcase Speaker talking about ARGs and the Rules of Engagement at 11:05 am on Saturday July 19th. I’ve got some fun stuff planned, and I always enjoy getting to talk about ARG in general, not to mention seeing so many friends again in person! The session will mainly be about cultivating and engaging an audience by creating a player experience that is, above all, compelling and fun….and hopefully a little addictive. :) Pacing, story, logistics, behind-the-scenes stuff, pitfalls to avoid, etc….it should be a very interesting peek at how we do things.

I’m especially pleased and looking forward to being able to take 75 of my closest friends over to see the 10:30pm showing of The Dark Knight on Friday night. Plus, any town that actually has Dunkin’ Donuts is a plus in my book. :)

Anyway, if you live near Boston and are at all interested in Alternate Reality Games, come on by and join the fun (make sure to register at the ARGFest website linked above).