Steve Peters

Experience Design

Cannes Report

Well, our workshop is over, all is well. We had a packed room as Susand Bonds, Alex Lieu, Mike Borys and I talked the wonders of ARGs. The only hitch was a planned phone gag that we had to nix at the last minute due to technical problems, but otherwise a great success.

Best for me was getting to meet folks from around the world, literally, who are producing ARGs. One young lady introduced herself as an ARG developer in Turkey (!) who has a game live right now! Who knew? :) I just think it’s awesome that the ARG creative space is getting more and more crowded with talented, excited people. ARGs are, after all, the Future Of Entertainment. :)

I also had one of my most humorous travel moments last night upon arrival in baggage claim, involving me, a unisex restroom, and 3 shocked and appalled female Japanese tourists, but I’ll save that for in-person storytelling only. :)

Now, to try and stay awake until the sun goes down. Until next time, reporting live from Beaumont sur Mer, this is me, signing off….