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World Without Oil wins SXSW Web Awards Activism Award

Congrats to my friends who just won this very cool award!:

Dee Cook, Michelle Senderhauf, Marie Lamb, Jane McGonigal and Krystyn Wells, who were all Puppetmasters on this cool project. (ETA: Also to Ken Ecklund, the lead guy whom I’ve yet to meet :) )

And I’m so happy to have been able to be there with them to see it all happen!

No, not really, I was stuck on a friggin’ plane trying desperately to get to Austin before next year…..but nevermind that! Congratulations!

I’ll try to track down some of the winners tomorrow and post pics of their beaming faces (I finally made it to Austin).

And by the way, if any of you out there at SXSW see me and say the sekrit phrase (“unplug the monkey god”) I’ll give you some uber-rare, sekrit swag!