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Old ARGs Never Die??

Ok, what’s up with all the long- and not-so-long-gone ARGs suddenly (and suspiciously?) being reported as being still up and running, lately??

First, it was reported last week that I Love Bees (2004) is the coolest thing sweeping the internet* (including a year-old paper on it being touted as new news on BoingBoing), then it turns out World Without Oil (2007) is just taking off (ok, so this is a spam blog, but still).

Today, BoingBoing does it again by posting about the new ARG for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is cool (especially since my daughter and I took part).

Problem is, this ARG isn’t just beginning, it JUST ENDED

What the heck is going on here? Should I be checking for updates??

*Post has since been removed. Geez, all my evidence is disappearing. It *is* a conspiracy, I tells ya!