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Trovu la ringon perditan: would you like fries with that?

Seems there’s a new ARG afoot! A bunch of kool kids* got packages with yarn and vintage Olympics posters in them. They led to a blog:, about a girl with amnesia and a strange tattoo on her forearm (bummer): “Trovu la ringon perditan,” which is Esperanto for “find the lost ring.”

Numerous other lost, amnesiatic people are being found via various social networking sites around the ‘net, by searching for this Esperanto phrase as a tag. They all seem to have the following in common:

  1. They have amnesia
  2. They woke up in labyrinths in cornfields
  3. They are as “physically fit as Olympic™ athletes”
  4. They have time travelled here from 1920
  5. They weren’t naked when they arrived
  6. They instantly figured out how to use computers, the internet and YouTube
  7. They are sponsored by McDonald’s (ETA: according to the site’s TOS)

So, a McDonald’s ARG about time-travelling Olympic Athletes in search of a lost ring. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, I’m going to check out, just in case….

*not me