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Who is Phebco?

By now you’ve probably seen the You Sucjk at Photoshop video series, right? These hilarious videos have been showing up on BoingBoing recently, and everyone thought they were some talented dude doing really funny stuff.

Well, Unfiction’s Sean C. Stacey (aka Spacebass) did a little checking around after today’s video was released, and found an undiscovered website for Phebco, the fictional company that the author of these videos works for.

A little Whois-fu by yours truly reveals that there’s an ad agency, Big Fat Brain, behind these videos after all, and not just some talented unknown in a basement somewhere. Not sure what they’re promoting yet, but it’s kind of disappointing, especially if it means that BoingBoing has basically been shilling for someone, and it’s not Phebco. ;)

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