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Yeah, yet again, I beat BoingBoing to the punch, which is nothing new, really*, but this time, they linked off of Maureen’s blog which linked off of mine. Hmph. So Cory reads her blog but not mine. But then again, Maureen IS much more winsome than I. Maybe if I tell them I’m a friend of Jane’s….hmm.

Sigh. Always a bridesmaid. A gazelle-swift bridesmaid, but a bridesmaid nonetheless. 

Moral of the story: You want to get your regular fun stuff mixed with lefty political pontification, stick to BoingBoing.

You want fun stuff, and want it before freakin’ BoingBoing, come here. :)

Tell your friends.  

*I could list the times, but I won’t. It’s at least a dozen times I’ve totally scooped BoingBoing by now.