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ARG: noun-ARG adjective- ARG·ish; verb- ARGed, ARG·ing.

I dunno, I’m just struck today how the term Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) has really taken hold in mainstream use. People use it so nonchalantly now, like everyone should know what they mean. I mean, even Wil Wheaton calls ‘em ARGs now:

“I hope they’ll continue with the ARG and maybe show a few glimpses of what was happening for other people in NYC on that night,…”

Then, I just saw this on the CBS website:

This is the Jericho ARG blog, which is a pretty cool idea in and of itself. A little sidestage where the game developers can let their hair down and get folks caught up on the story, all while giving little glimpses behind the curtain. Hmm. I wonder if anyone else should do something like this….

Anyway, I think we can call it official: They’re ARGs, folks. Not ERGs. Not AREs. Not 360 Experiences. Not Immersive Reality Games. Not Beasting. Not Collective Detecting. Like it or not, ARG is in the house.

ARG. Alternate Reality Gaming. And I even know the guy who came up with the term, which is pretty cool. :)