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Is it false advertising when a trailer bears no resemblance to the movie??

David Pogue brings up this question in an interesting article in the New York Times regarding the new film National Treasure: Book of Secrets. In it, he lays out numerous instances of scenes shown in the trailer that were not in the film anywhere:

“For example, in one of the trailers, there are shots of the pyramids and other Egyptian landmarks. None of the movie takes place in Egypt.”

More scenes that were in the trailer but not in the film include a revealing flyover of Mt. Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, and numerous bits of dialogue that set a tone that just plain doesn’t exist in the film.

All I know was that the first National Treasure was ruined for me with the infamous “shadow at x o’clock” puzzle that worked no matter what day of the year it was. 

Call me crazy, I just like puzzles that actually work in real life. :P