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Speaking of monorails....

Stuff from the Park is a great blog that features vintage photos from Disneyland, and today’s post really caught my eye, considering the arrival of Disneyland’s (sorry, Disneyland Resort’s) new monorails. It’s a shot from the late 60’s, which I really consider to be the beginning of Disneyland’s Golden Age, so far. Take a look (click for larger photo):


First off, it’s the Skyway! Now gone forever, this skyride went from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, taking riders through the Matterhorn, which was not only very cool, it was one of the few true make-out rides in the park. In the shot, you can also see Peoplemover in the distance (also long gone) and the older style Monorail (Mark II, I believe).

Ahh, pre-Eisner Disneyland. Get off my lawn!

(photo via Stuff from the Park, although I flipped it for correct orientation)