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ARGs "Biggest Disappointment" of 2007?

From The Guardian-Games of 2007 by Aleks Krotoski:

“Biggest Disappointment

The Alternate Reality Game circuit. Not only have the mainstream games attracted too few players to cement interest beyond a core gaming set AND been unabashedly marketing vehicles, but Mind Candy, the only company that was supporting itself with enough cash to make things interesting, and therefore had the potential to transcend the filthy lucre of corporates, has decided to leave ARGs behind to focus elsewhere. Boo.”

So, ARGs were supposed to cement themselves in the mainstream in 2007? I missed this memo, apparently. Also, what metrics is she citing on these low numbers?? Is 3.5 million players on one game considered “too few players?” Or is she just counting UK? Seriously asking, here. :)

Also, unabashed marketing vehicles?? Eldritch Errors, anyone? Plus, did people complain about this in the early days of television?? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Every artform needs a patron.

ARGs may not have a 95% mainstream awareness yet, but it’s building exponentially, even as the genre continues to develop.

Sorry you feel that way, Aleks. Boo. :)