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Nozawa: LA's Sushi Nazi

So, I’ve gotten to eat at Sushi Nozawa a lot, lately. This is the infamous sushi restaurant where the owner has gained the reputation of being the Sushi Nazi. It’s actually not unwarrented, as there are rules to eating here, breaking any of which will get you thrown out:

  1. No cell phones
  2. No ordering California Roll
  3. No choosing what you want
  4. No “acting up”

It’s a little hole in the wall in a strip mall on Ventura Blvd. Basically, you sit down (having already set your cell phone to silent mode) and order the Special, which is made of whatever Nozawa-san thinks you should have. There are signs all over the place saying “Trust Me.” But should I? How is the sushi?

(Normally, here’s where I’d put a photo, but I’m always too scared to take out my iPhone. So, clicky for some pics)

Basically, I’m ruined to sushi anywhere else, now. It’s absolutely, bar-none, the best sushi I’ve ever had (and continue to have) in my life. And I’ve lived in Japan, so that’s saying something. I don’t know if it’s the rice, or the fish, or the light, soft wasabe that does it, but if you’re in LA, this place is a must-visit. You’ll get a sushi buzz like none other.

Despite the reputation, the service for me has always been great. It’s prompt, and Mrs. Nozawa has always been very pleasant and attentive. Of course, I’ve never had my cell phone go off. :)

So, world’s best sushi: Sushi Nozawa in LA. Someday soon I’ll tell you about the world’s best Thai, which is NOT in LA.