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Update: Vanishing Point wins 11 awards

I posted earlier about the fact that Vanishing Point won numerous W3 Awards. Well, it turns out I was a little premature in my post, as it turns out that Vanishing Point didn’t win three awards, but eleven:

  1. Best in Show - Games and Gaming (Campaign)
  2. Gold - Games and Gaming (Viral)
  3. Gold - Events (Campaign)
  4. Silver - Entertainment (Viral)
  5. Silver - General Interests Variety (Game or Application)
  6. Silver - Social Networking (Game or Application)
  7. Silver - Games and Gaming (Game or Application)
  8. Silver - Entertainment (Campaign)
  9. Silver - Strange and Unusual (Site)
  10. Silver - Marketing (Site)
  11. Silver - Best Visual Appeal (Site)

It’s weird posting like this, but hey, we got a great team and they really deserve recognition like this. 42 FTW!