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How to (truly) set Firefox as your default Vista browser

I’ve been getting peeved lately, since reinstalling Vista, as Firefox doesn’t seem to always be the default browser that opens when links are clicked on in various applications, such as mIRC. Internet Explorer continues to hold on to certain applications with a death-grip. Setting FF to be the default browser from within Firefox itself doesn’t do the trick, nor does setting it to default browser via Vista’s own Control Panel.

After Googling around, I finally found the one and only solution that works, so without further adieu:

  1. Curse that, yet again, Vista opens IE instead of Firefox
  2. Go to the Apple Safari website (yes, you read that right)
  3. Download and install Safari onto your Windows Vista computer (I know, it seems counter to everything that’s good and right in the world, but bear with me)
  4. Open Safari
  5. Click Edit>Preferences>General Tab
  6. Set Default Browser (which is probably amazingly still set to IE) to Mozilla Firefox
  7. Uninstall Safari (or just keep it as a conversation piece)
  8. Click a link from within mIRC (or simlar), and watch FF open as it should
  9. Rejoice!

Thanks, Apple!