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Interview:Elan and Others Today in Second Life (4:00pm)

sg.jpgFrom BoingBoing: Future Salon: alternate reality games "Tomorrow's Future Salon in Second Life is, appropriately, on the topic of alternate reality games and pervasive gaming. Participants include 42 Entertainment's Elan Lee (BB pal Jane McGonigal's collaborator on projects like ilovebees), Tony "Clickable Culture" Walsh, and Adrian and/or Dan Hon of Mind Candy , creators of Perplex City. The in-game salon takes place tomorrow, Monday 11/27, at 4pm PST. Link "

Here's a direct link to the announcement, which includes links to be able to listen in live if you're not a SecondLife member.

This whole ARG in virtual space thing is getting bandied about a lot lately, which is strange, to me. While it's a nifty idea, someone's definitely missing the point that what makes ARGs unique is the fact that they reach out and touch the REAL WORLD. Unless I'm missing something, what's being talked about is no different than a typical adventure game, albeit with a new interface.