Steve Peters

Experience Design

Glogs are the New Orange

So it seems there's a new buzzterm floating around the tubes recently. Glogs. Glogs? GLOGS???

Game Blogs. Blogs where someone semi- or directly connected with a game (usually a Reality TV Show-type game) does his thing, saying it's commentary, usually with tons of cross-promotion and product placement.

So yeah, here's a glog for ya: GoldRush! Here you can find out all about AOL, CBS's new show The Class....oh, and the new show that's touting itself as a Reality TV Show with an online Alternate Reality Gameish element.

Answer such challenges as "What were Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez referred to?" for your chance to win $100,000. Other challenges can be answered by watching various CBS shows, looking at videos of Google Earth or searching AOL sites. Yay!

From the FAQ:

Q: How do I win $100,000 in gold? A: If you’re one of the first three players to complete any of our 12 online rounds, you’ll be sent to an exciting location somewhere in the country to compete for $100,000 in gold against your two fellow pop culture experts.

All I can say is....kick some butt, ARGers! :)

PS-..and please note how much I've matured by not taking another poke at Ben Affleck.