Steve Peters

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Plugging In

Well, we're moved in, and getting re-attached to the world, slowly but surely. I've just spent the past 4-5 days without an internet connection, and it was....great! Except for the exhaustion part. If I never see another box in my life, I'll be ok with that. Interesting bits from the move: 1) Inadvertantly got one of the loaders fired for drinking on the job. OK, so I said they were welcome to whatever they could find in the fridge, which included 4 beers. One guy thought 10:30 am was a good time to start drinking, and the boss-guy fired him when he saw the beer in his hand. Funny enough, I felt guilty.

2) Maybe someone out there can help me with this one. The driver announced soberly that he didn't think he'd be able to get our grand piano out of the room it was in, which puzzled me greatly, I gotta say. "Um, you'd think if we got it in there, we'd be able to get it out, right?" "Oh, not necessarily!" he replied. Not necessarily?? Now, I didn't want to argue with him, as he was the head mover-guy in charge of all our earthly belongings, but he swore up and down that the "angles are different" when going the opposite direction, and he didn't think the piano would fit around the corner. Am I crazy, or is this just....crazy??

Needless to say, they got the piano out. But geez. The angles are....different depending on which direction you're going?? *BOGGLE*

So anyway, back on line, at least at work. Now to find some time to sleep. :)