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Life in a Box

WARNING: OBLIGATORY "OMG WE'RE MOVING!" BLOG ENTRY AHEAD I'm sitting here in my recliner with my PowerBook surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes. Little ones, big ones, some that say LAMP BASE, some that say POTS N PANS KIT in blue Sharpie. All filled with various little bits of our lives. I tell ya, nothing helps rid you of materialistic tendancies like moving.

Truck comes tomorrow at 8am, tonight's our last night in this house. It's always so weird, surreal, sudden. But the good news is, I'm heading "home" and have the kickin' ass-iest job in the world. :)

In the meantime, we'll stay at a local hotel tomorrow night, then Thursday morning we'll be (wait for it)...................

Leaving Las Vegas.



Had to say it.

Signing off for now, catch ya after Labor Day, most likely.