Steve Peters

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Time Flies

I suddenly find myself in a semi-surreal scene. I'm sitting behind a desk that's not mine, the windows are open, and I'm hearing buses and traffic.....and someone playing "My Way" on the saxophone from the sidewalk below. Dude. Don't quit your day job. Or get a day job. Or something. Please!

I'm also away from home, which is especially a bummer today, as it's my and my wife's 20th wedding anniversary. It's all good, don't worry. We got away and celebrated on Sunday before I left.

But 20 years. Ho. Ly. Crap. I used to think 20 years was a long time, but no more. I mean, yeah, I'm no teenager any more, but sheesh, old enough to have been married for 20 years?! No way, not me.

On the upside though, everyone today is telling me what an accomplishment it is to be married 20 years, and I do have to agree. But I don't attribute it to much more than totally lucking out and finding someone who is so great and easy to live with. We've never really had to work at it, which means we're either totally in denial about a lot of issues, or we're just incredibly compatible. I'm thinking it's definitely the latter. Or something. 20 years doesn't make me, like an expert or anything. No deep thoughts from me on this one, I'm just glad and amazed we've made this milestone.

So, Happy Anniversary, baybee! I'll be home soon!

....listens to sax player break into "'Cause I'm Your Woman." Or something. That Celine Dion song.

Man, life is good.

EDIT: Oh wait! Now he's playing "Endless Love!"