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Super Bowl XL Summary

As a public service, here's a summary of Super Bowl XL (also known as "The Big Game" for those who don't have the proper licensing) for those who may have missed it.

  • Stevie Wonder does Motown hits medley.
  • Harrison Ford does...Dr. Seuss??? Is there nobody in the NFL who asks the question "Are you serious??"
  • The Magic Refrigerator.
  • The Whopperettes make one nice burger.
  • Code Black? What's that, and what does it have to do with the chick from Ringer?
  • Nachos and beer are served.
  • Touchdown! Oh wait, nevermind.
  • The Seattle side of the family screams a collective "Bad call!!!"
  • Field Goal: SEA 3, PITT 0.
  • Streaker!
  • Short guy thinks he's Peter Graves.
  • Tim Allen thinks he's Tommy Kirk.
  • Godaddy Girl!
  • Touchdown! Oh wait, maybe not. OK, yes: SEA 3, PITT 7.
  • The Seattle side of the family screams a collective "Bad call!!!"
  • Sprint cell phone with new Crime Deterrant feature.
  • The Super Bowl makes us all just one big family. And here I thought it was Oprah.
  • Hugh Heffenr watches Desperate Housewives? Who knew?
  • Might as well face it, you're addicted to Lost.
  • Start Me Up!
  • OMG, there's people under the tongue!
  • ABC-HD watermark permanently burns itself into plasma screens across America.
  • Networks break away for local advertising. We here in Las Vegas were treated to the worst attorney ad evar, along with a preview of a news story about pole dancing as a weight-loss technique.
  • Football players practice saying "I'm going to Disney World".......for like the 5th time.
  • Touchdown! SEA: 3, PITT 14.
  • The Seattle side of the family does a collective Starbucks run.
  • Retractable Sharpies!
  • Clydesdales make me cry.
  • Monster love results in Hummer. Yeah, and the Godaddy girl is too racy for the NFL.
  • Touchdown! SEA:10, PITT: 14
  • Donkeys in pants!
  • Druid under the stairs?
  • Touchdown! SEA: 10, PITT: 21
  • MacGyver!
  • Final Score: SEA: 10, PITT: 21
  • The Seattle side of the family thinks that maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing if the power had stayed cut off after all.